Monday, November 25, 2019

Avogadro, Amadeo essays

Avogadro, Amadeo essays Lorenzo Romano Amadeo Carl Avagodro was born on August 9, 1776 in Turin, Italy. He was the son of Count Filippo Avogadro and Anna Maria Vercellone. In his earlier years, he started a practice as a lawyer, seeing as he came from a long line of successful ones. His early career was highly successful. In 1792, Avogadro became a bachelor of jurisprudence, and four year later he would earn a doctorate in ecclesiastical law. In 1801, Avogadro was named the secretary to the department of Eridano. It was around this period that he studied mathematics and physics privately, becoming so engrossed he eventually made it his lifetime career. Eventually, Avogadro became the professor of philosophy at the college of Vercelli, where he would marry Felicita Mazze and have six children. In 1811, he would make his famous statement claiming that equal volumes of all gases under the same conditions of temperature contain the same number of molecules. This was published in an article on Journal de physique, in which he clearly states the distinction between a molecule and an atom. Alas, the scientific community at the time, for various reasons, paid very little attention to him. Avogadro had based his hypothesis on the studies of a man called Joseph Gay-Lussac, who had discovered all gasses at equal temperature expand by the same amount in 1809. Nothing really was done, until 50 years later when a man by the name of Stanislao Cannizzaro had reintroduced the scientific community to Avogadros theory. By then, there was a much larger agreement that something could be made of such a theory. Cannizzaro believed that compounds had whole numbers of atoms, and that equal volumes of gasses under the same conditions have the same number of molecules. Ironically, this was formed by a fusion of Avogadro and his nemesis Daltons statements. In 1865, a man by the name of Johann Joseph Loeschmidt sa ...

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