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The Dimensions Of A Career - 2895 Words

The Dimensions of a Career In Accounting Rafael Cartagena SOC 116 Term Paper April 28, 2015 Introduction A career in public accountant/internal auditing involves communicating, summarizing, classifying, interpreting and presenting financial positions about an enterprise to the management, auditors, owners or shareholders of a company. Having a strong accounting foundation is an important factor when it comes to running a successful business. In every business there is need for a bookkeeper, accountant or a chief finance officer. There is a projected 16% increase in job positions by 2016 exemplifying the bright future of accounting according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics website (U.S Department of Labor, 2014.) The role of the accountant has changed from traditional accounting to that of a strategic planner and a business partner in the changing business environment. And in regards to Kalleberg’s standards of â€Å"good† job criteria, a career in accounting measures up to the ideals of a worthy job to obtain. Accounting Classification According to the New Leadership Track in Accounting Firms by Elizabeth Almer, accounting is a study of how organizations track their assets, capital, and liabilities over time. It involves computing cost and capital gains from the capital (Almer, 2011: 44). An accountant participates in strategies for mergers and acquisitions. Public accountants work for public accounting companies with major tasks includingShow MoreRelatedDefinition Of Dimensions Of Culture998 Words   |  4 Pages Dimensions of culture is an idea that expands over many professional and academic categories. Personally, this topic urges my curiosities cause of the career path I have chosen. I am on the path to becoming an Air Force Officer. This career possesses many different challenges and dealing with various dimensions of culture is a prominent aspect. Communication with various allied countries, respecting religious traditions, maintaining ethical values, recognizing religious and social customs are justRead MoreHofstede Analysis Canada1482 Words   |  6 Pagesup a ranking system that proves why Canada is so ideal for American businesses to operate. Hofstede’s ranking system is based on analyzing 5 dimensions that target key aspects of a country’s society. These dimensions are power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, career success and planning for the long term horizon. Power Distance This dimension measures the rigidity or flexibility of a country in terms of how its organizations structure their management and subordinate relationshipsRead MoreAn Understanding Of Intrapersonal Effectiveness And The Five Factor Model1091 Words   |  5 PagesThe resultant insights will highlight deficiencies relevant to my career goals and strategies will be suggested via the SMART goal framework. 2.0 Intrapersonal Effectiveness Intrapersonal effectiveness is significant in the educational to professional transition (Shearer, 2009, p. 53). Intrapersonal Effectiveness’s three important facets are strength and weakness awareness, awareness of differing strength combinations for career paths, and sound judgement regarding skills and education aquisitionRead MoreUse of Hofstedes Five Dimensional Model to Analyze Indian Culture1156 Words   |  5 Pagesobservations. Hofstede has identified five different cultural dimensions. These dimensions include power-distance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, uncertainty avoidance and lastly long term orientation. According to Hofstede, power distance is the first dimension which translates to how all individuals in a society arent equal and there is a decent amount of inequality when it comes to the division of power. The second dimension involves the theme of individualism which translates toRead MoreTourism and Hospitality Industry942 Words   |  4 Pages2.2 Career in Hospitality Industry With both hospitality and tourism industry hand-in-hand growing rapidly, increasing demands of hospitality labor has created more employment opportunities in this field. As a matter of fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had recorded a number of 13.5 million people in the United States who had had hospitality jobs by April 2012 (cited in Kasperkevic, 2012). It is inarguable that hospitality industry has attracted millions of people to embark on a career in thisRead MoreThe Key Dimensions Of Gender Equality920 Words   |  4 PagesThe key influences/dimensions of gender equality in the workplace comparing UK and Greece Introduction The aim of this essay is to critically analyze the key influences/ dimensions of gender equality in the workplace comparing U.K and Greece. There are many dimensions of gender equality in the workplace that have been researched and studied carefully over the years. This study will critically examine and highlight the importance of the key dimensions of gender equality in the workplace in these twoRead MoreThe Six Dimensions of Wellness778 Words   |  4 Pages Physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, spiritual, and environmental wellness are all considered the six dimensions of wellness with occupational wellness being the possible seventh. But what are these exactly? And how do they apply to me and my health and wellness? The first of the six dimensions is physical wellness, which is your body’s overall wellness. This includes the absence of illness and disease and your body’s fitness level. You have to make good, healthy choicesRead MoreAnalysis Of Hofstede s Five Dimensions Of Culture906 Words   |  4 Pagespresenting to clients or even the language we speak, in the end, we conduct business differently depending on the country or region we’re from. In analyzing Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture we can better understand the cultural differences between the U.S. and Europe. (Hall, 2014) â€Å"The cultural dimensions represent independent preferences for one state of affairs over another that distinguish countries (rather than individuals) from each other.† (National Culture) Power distanceRead MoreCritical Analysis : Transactional Analysis1193 Words   |  5 Pagessignificant out of the bunch. When a person is stressed and begins to teeter on his or her threshold of emotional stability it is easy for them to slip into an irrational ego state. Cultural Dimensions: The last principle that I will look at is cultural dimensions. The consistency in the cultural dimensions betweem a leader and his or her followers are significant in determining their relationship. Much of the leader’s referent power is built with actions and idea’s that support the follower’s ideologyRead MoreThe Physical Dimension Of Wellness994 Words   |  4 PagesWhere I personally am at in the physical dimension is on the lower end for flexibility and cardiorespiratory, but around average for the muscular strength and endurance. I am a bit overweight and have been for the most recent years of my life due to lack of motivation to work to and keep off the weight. As of late, my dietary habits have been atrocious, but I hope to change that. One great thing about my physical dimension of wellness though is my great immune system. Getting sick is rare for me

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