Saturday, February 1, 2020

Describe arts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Describe arts - Essay Example Components of the model include but are not limited to bullet lead, paper pulp and bone dust. The bone dust symbolizes human bones that were crashed in the battle. Paper pulp represents the soldiers’ letters for their spouses that could not reach their homes. Experiences of all groups like the personnel of medical corps, widows of the soldiers who fought in the battle, and veterans have been narrated in the model developed by Robleto. The model sufficiently conveys their painful experiences. Such models make an excellent source of information for the young generation. Image 2: â€Å"Piece Work.† (â€Å"MCA DENVER†). Piece Work shown in the figure above has been made by the artist Allison Smith who is an artist from Oakland. In this exhibition, Smith will display through sculptures and papers, works that come from various traditions and different forms of decorative art in America. In the very exhibition, there will be displayed a braided rug that was started by t he artist and has been finished by various visitors on the gallery site. A large number of the pieces of artwork reflect different aspects of the culture that emerged in the time of the war. Such features include but are not limited to the rug and the cloth marks meant to prevent gas from getting inhaled.

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